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Legal Permissions



Soldiers of the Cross of Christ International Evangelical Church (SCC) holds US and international trademark rights in several marks, including without limitation, SOLADADOSDELACRUZ.ORG, RADIO ETERNAL, LLC., As well as logos and other elements associated with its ministry activities. Collectively, SCC's registered and unregistered trademarks are referred to as the “SCC Trademarks”. All rights in the SCC Trademarks are reserved, and the SCC Trademarks may not be used except as expressly authorized by SCC. Use of the SCC Trademarks to promote any commercial purpose and / or to raise funds for any non-profit other than SCC and its affiliated entities is strictly prohibited.


You are welcome to create a link to any of our websites from yours provided the link clearly indicates that it leads to a SCC website, opens in a new window, and is not used either to promote a non-SCC service, product, or event , or as an endorsement by SCC.

A general link to our website should use our full name, Soldiers of the Cross of Christ Evangelical Int. Church, directing people to our home page (, and should appear like this:


<a href=""> Home </a>


If you would like to include a graphic with the link on your web page, please use the logo here:


To download a copy of this logo, right-click on the logo art above and select “Save Image As…” or “Save Picture As…” from the drop down menu.

If you wish to include a description of our ministry with your link, please use SCCIEC's Mission Statement below:

"SCCIEC exists to support and extend the evangelistic calling and ministries of the institution by proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all we can by every effective means available to us and by equipping the church and others to do the same."


“Copyrighted Material” as used here means any content owned and published by SCC that is protected by the US Copyright Act and international copyright laws. Except where otherwise noted, all works on this site, including written materials, artwork, graphics, photographs, sound recordings, and video are Copyrighted Material, and may not be used in such a way as to imply partnership with or endorsement by SCC, to promote or advertise commercial goods or services, or to raise funds for or promote any other non-profit. Any use of our Copyrighted Material not expressly permitted under General Permission, below, is prohibited without written permission from SCC. Permission requests may be submitted using the form and contact information provided below.

Note that it is critical to correctly identify the copyright holder of content you desire to use. For example, individual articles may be owned by an author, with a copyright notice that is different than that relating to SCC's website located at the bottom of each page. Permission for the use of content not owned by SCC must be obtained from the copyright holder.

General Permission

SCC's grant of General Permission means that you may use our Copyrighted Material as outlined herein without the need to write us for specific permission. SCC reserves all rights, including without limitation the right to modify or withdraw this General Permission, for any reason and without notice. If the material you wish to use does not meet the conditions for General Permission, you must request specific permission from SCC using the contact information provided below.

With General Permission, please feel free to view, listen to, quote from, and print Copyrighted Material from this website and SCC's publications, for your personal use. "Personal use" does not include making multiple copies for distribution to others or the sale of our Copyrighted Material.

To encourage use of its Copyright Materials in evangelistic ministry beyond your personal use, SCC produces copies that are readily available, either at no charge as part of a SCC program (such as purchasing items from the Education Ministry) or for purchase through online purchases of spiritual and / or educational materials. Where copies are not available from SCC, General Permission allows you to reproduce and distribute a limited quantity of its written Copyrighted Material for noncommercial, evangelistic uses (such as church bulletins, newsletters, written lessons, etc.), provided that the particular Copyrighted Material :

  • Is clearly owned by SCC and does not include any non-SCC owned material

  • Does not include the use of photos or audio / visual material

  • Is text-based and reproduced in its entirety, without modifications, deletions or additions

  • Is not used in connection with fund-raising activities or distributed in exchange for money beyond the actual cost of reproduction

  • Does not express / imply endorsement by SCC

  • Is limited to no more than 1,000 physical copies, and

  • It is attributed to SCC with an appropriate copyright notice relating to the original work, such as: “© 2017 SCC. Used with permission. All rights reserved. "

General Permission also allows you to use quotes from SCC's Copyrighted Material in your book or other literary work, even if it will be sold, if all the following conditions are met:

  • The proposed use is primarily evangelistic, representing Christian beliefs that are consistent with SCC's Statement of Faith.

  • The quoted material is clearly owned by SCC and is not from a book by another individual author.

  • The combined quoted material (whether one quote or several) is not more than 500 characters in total and will be a small percentage (less than 1%) of your book or literary work.

  • The quoted material does not include photos.

  • Each quote is used as it is written, without modifications, deletions or additions.

  • The quote is used in a way that does not express or imply endorsement or support by SCC.

  • The quoted material is attributed to SCC an appropriate copyright notice relating to the original work, such as: “© 2017 SCC. Used with permission. All rights reserved. "


For Questions or to Request Permissions

Requests may be submitted by Contacting Us asking for: the Permission Request Form. You can reach us with requests or questions using the following contact information as well:


SCC Central Office

641 W. Flagler St.

Miami, Fl 33130
Ph: (305) 325-9653

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