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In search of personal spiritual growth - December's challenge

Work towards raising Christian children

Every parent, guardian, and instructor must be aware that there are agendas in the world that will form man’s future.

The most extensive of these is created by the enemy and his hosts. He is raising the type of man who will serve his own interests. That is why he is offering children electronic games that turn them into violent and unscrupulous people in their treatment of their peers. Films devoid of Christian ethics and saturated with worldly philosophies and erroneous ideas about freedom and morality.

In the same way, most of the institutions to which we send our children to educate them follow a similar agenda and also teach atheism, evolution, debauchery, etc.

What are Christians doing for their children to counteract the works of evil and to train the future representatives of Christ?

This month's challenge is:

- Create an action plan aimed at raising Christian children.

- Find the most information you can about how to raise children within the principle of God’s kingdom.

- Work everyday towards raising your children in the likeness of Christ.

- Pray daily for this need.

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