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July 3, 2021

Matutina Genesis 2:3 Meridiana Psalm 85

Vespertina Luke 6:5

For the majority of people, Saturday is nothing more than another day of the week. They consider it a space of twenty-four hours in which they can accomplish tasks with the purpose of fulfilling their worldly goals. But for those who follow Christ, Saturday is the day of the week that makes the difference.

When one speaks about the Sabbath, they are referring to a divine, heavenly rest — a spiritual tranquility. For us Christians, God’s creation looks different on Saturday when compared to the rest of the week; on Saturday, each detail created by God reaches a different hue; the sun shines brighter, the flowers have more intense colors and scents, and the sky shows a fascinating picture. Even we, the most special creation, prepare ourselves to offer the Creator and God a worship that is pure and free. The day is entirely His, without the obstacles and worry we experience on the other days of the week.

On the Sabbath, the believer rests in God as if all his work was done, even if that is not the case. This day— even though the world may live in a constant state of distress— is a different day. It’s a day to rest. It’s the Lord's day

It is up to you to show the world that the Sabbath is a different day.

--Naty Leidy González


Morning Genesis 2:3

And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.


Noon Psalm 85

1 LORD, thou hast been favourable unto thy land:

Thou hast brought back the captivity of Jacob.

2Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people,

Thou hast covered all their sin. Selah.

3Thou hast taken away all thy wrath:

Thou hast turned thyself from the fierceness of thine anger.

4Turn us, O God of our salvation,

And cause thine anger toward us to cease.

5Wilt thou be angry with us for ever?

Wilt thou draw out thine anger to all generations?

6Wilt thou not revive us again:

That thy people may rejoice in thee?

7Shew us thy mercy, O LORD,

And grant us thy salvation.


Evening Luke 6:5

And he said unto them, That the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.

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